(As Seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)


Toki Hirakata: Sean Dougherty is the best candidate for the job

“I believe that Sean Dougherty is the right choice for Larimer County commissioner. After meeting Sean, I’ve come to learn that he has a contagious uplifting, positive attitude that has carried him through the primaries, and onto the ballot for this November.

Sean is not your typical politician, and has genuine interest, passion and love for Larimer County and its residents. Sean will work with county elected officials and staff on effective budgeting and using tax dollars wisely. He’s also determined to protect private property rights and facilitate wise growth management, working together with our strategic allies including cities and towns, schools, the business communities, and other stakeholders.

Sean is a successful business man selling nearly 400 properties for buyers and sellers in Northern Colorado.

I am glad to give my vote to a man who I believe will do the best job in this office.”

-Toki Hirakata

Fort Collins