“Over the past two months members of the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 board have met with candidates running for Larimer County offices in the November 2018 election. The races prioritized by Lodge 3 were those we felt had the greatest influence on the profession of law enforcement, specifically for our brothers and sisters at the Larimer County Sheriffs Office. Those offices are District 1 Commissioner, County Treasurer and Office of the

We are appreciative to all candidates who reached out to our Lodge, and who took the time to meet with, and/or talk with us about their vision for the office they are in pursuit of, and how they would be the better candidate to support the needs of our profession. The areas of greatest concern to our members, as it relates to these conversations, were; Funding a retirement plan that allows officers to retire at an age that is safe and sensible to them and the communities they serve, A commitment from candidates to pursue an understanding of use of force situations through the lens of the officers who are not afforded the opportunity to watch a video, zoom in, hit pause and then decide the best course of action after the perceived threat has been neutralized, and last, Funding of the jail expansion and other facilities needed to help officers do their job safely and keep the communities in Larimer County safe.

In addition to meetings held with the candidates, questionnaires were submitted to each candidate to gain a better understanding of who they are, what they represent and how they would meet the needs of law enforcement and public safety. The questionnaire responses were sent out to our membership for their review. A poll was subsequently submitted to our membership to gather feedback on which candidates, if any, they wished to endorse. Based on the feedback from our members, Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police lodge 3 is pleased to announce our support of;

Sean Dougherty- Larimer County District 1 Commissioner

Irene Josey- Larimer County Treasurer

Justin Smith- Larimer County Sheriff

Best wishes in your pursuit of these offices, and thank you for your dedication to our communities and the men and women who keep them safe.”

-Christopher J Renn- Northern Colorado FOP Lodge 3 President