1. Pete Gazlay: Dougherty is the choice for county commissioner

    (As seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)   "I have known Sean Dougherty for 7 years as we've served together on the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Local Legislative Affairs Committee. This committee weekly reviews a variety of local government initiatives that impact business a…Read More

  2. Jeff Pace: Dougherty is best choice for this important job

    (As seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)   "I believe Sean Dougherty is the right choice for Larimer County commissioner. The position of County Commissioner may be overlooked amongst the higher visibility electoral choices on the ballot. However, the actions of the county commis…Read More

  3. John Byrd: Sean Dougherty has a vision for Larimer County

    (As seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)   "Please vote! I am writing to encourage you to vote for Sean Dougherty for Larimer County commissioner. I have known Sean for some time and know how hard he works and how dedicated he is what he sets out to accomplish. Sean is well quali…Read More

  4. Northern Colorado Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 3

    "Over the past two months members of the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 board have met with candidates running for Larimer County offices in the November 2018 election. The races prioritized by Lodge 3 were those we felt had the greatest influence on the profession of law enforc…Read More

  5. Quentin Price: Sean Dougherty is prepared to move county forward

    (As Seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)   Sean Dougherty has my support for county commissioner. In working with Sean, I know that he listens to people and considers their input. Sean cares about people and knows how to keep within a budget. He will spend our money wisely. Sean i…Read More

  6. Meisner: Dougherty has business experience, budgetary skills

    (As seen in Reporter Herald – Letters to the Editor)   "I am writing this letter in support of Sean Dougherty for District 1 county commissioner. Sean is a longtime resident of Larimer County and has been very active in this community for many years by serving on many committees and boards, …Read More